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Mio , one of the leaders in the commercialization of automotive GPS navigators has just presented its new range of navigation and control devices for training or routes, specially designed for cyclists , robust, water resistant (IPX7) and with a range of up to 12 hours. They also incorporate routes and road maps as standard.

If anything highlights the responsible for the company Mio is the ease of use of their browsers for cycling. The devices have, for example, a feature called " Surprise Me " (surprise me) which consists of proposing several routes to the cyclist from a minimum of data provided by the user, such as the kilometres you want to make, the time available or the number of calories consumed that you would like to reach on the way.

The step-by-step navigation guides the user intuitively and indicates all the instructions with a clear sound alert. Thanks to the large 3-inch anti-reflective touch screen, the simple menu structure and the clear touch buttons, the Mio Cyclo 300 and Cyclo 305 HC browsers are very easy to use. In addition, with pre-installed points of interest ( POIs ), such as bicycle shops, restaurants and emergency services, you can always find a place to recharge your batteries or to repair the bicycle if necessary.

As usual, the Mio Cyclo 300 and the 305 HC come with software, called Mio Share, to manage and share the routes and data of "training or exits", as its name indicates. The application is also your point of reference for managing your browser and downloading map updates and the latest product information.

And although the philosophy is to offer a simple product in terms of use, these browsers, which are really much more than that, are prepared to satisfy the most demanding cyclists, even those who compete at a high level and want a tool to control all your workouts. For this reason, the Mio Cyclo 305 HC incorporates the ANT + wireless communications standard that allows the device to be connected, for the moment, with wheel, cadence and pulse sensors (standard on this model).


Mio has a launch new-fangled GPS navigation system recognized as Moov 150, and this model recommend the most basic stipulation as you can verify below:

  • * 3.5 "touch sensitive screen
  • * Support for real time traffic information
  • * SiRF Instant Fix II Technology
  • * Telesales Maps (updated April 2008)
  • For more info call Mio support number